Between 2006-2007, Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO) executed a project to digitally inventorize and archive all their gravity and magnetic data. The task was to compile various data sets including over 30 gravity surveys and 20 magnetic surveys, some of which were over 50 years old. Many challenges were faced including non-standard file formats, coordinate systems, missing reports and so on. Ultimately however, most data were compiled, inventorized and made digitally available to company staff in an easily accessible manner. Due to this effort, a renewed interest in gravity and magnetic data emerged amongst asset holders and interpreters resulting in modeling and interpretation projects. The project was conducted in three stages: 1. Data QC and inventorizing, 2. Archiving into a GIS project, 3. Data promotion through an interactive website. The first two stages of this work were mainly carried out under contract (and collaboration) with Fugro.


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