In the fractured basement play of Block 18 a granitic basement is expected to have the best reservoir potential and the basic igneous rocks (diorite/gabbro) the least reservoir potential. The basement lithologies of Block 18 may be divided into three reservoir facies, i.e. granite, metamorphic and basic igneous which are likely to be lateral extensions of basement outcrops. Block 18 basement lineaments are expected to form complex networks and have developed over a number of phases. Local basement variations are influenced by a number of factors including basement lithology, the present day stress field and tectonic factors associated with rifting in the basin. 2.5-D integrated gravity and magnetic modeling and enhancement techniques resulted in an improved definition of the basement. We identified basement blocks and fault zones and proved the heterogeneity of the basement in Block 18. We identified igneous bodies within the sedimentary section and highly magnetic structures within the basement. Based on the modelled densities and susceptibilities, we are able to classify the basement types as generally granitic in the south, as likely metamorphic in the central north and as partly basic igneous in the northwest.


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