A great amount of geophysical work was involved in the programme of final disposal of low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste in Hungary. Among others wide spectrum of geoelectric-electromagnetic methods were applied from the early stages of the project. In this poster we present the results obtained in prospecting the internal structure of the granite body either outcropping in the deep valleys, or buried under 30-60 m thick Quaternary sediments. VLF, Slingram-EM and high-frequency magnetotelluric surveys were performed to extend the detailed but were scarce information of the borehole geoelectric measurements and obtain a spatial view about the resistiv-ity distribution of the granite body, to delineate conductive zones of as possible tectonic zones, blocks etc. Regional gravity, magnetic and magnetotelluric studies were performed to delineate the granite body and for marking out regional structural lines.


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