In this paper, preliminary results from GPR Investigations are presented, accomplished at Encantada-III coastal sambaqui, in Jaguaruna, Santa Catarina state, South Brazil. This sambaqui consists of sand mound covered by decimetre black sediment layer with carbonatic shells, dated of 4970-4830 years AP (Beta 189713), and could be constructed by societies that inhabited this region during pre-colonial period. GPR profiles show anomalous reflectors, which can be related to targets of archaeological interest. Numeric modelling studies, simulating propagation of electromagnetic wave at coastal sambaquis, presented good accordance with real data obtained in the field. Synthetic model was construct in order to evaluate the performance of GPR method in relation to materials found in that environment, besides helping interpretations of real results. So, the results function as reference to direct excavation activities in burying quest that will be the next step of this searching.


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