Geological Survey of Finland (GSF) has contributed considerably to the rapid expansion of the Finnish peat industry and simultaneous helped to implement the National Mire Conservation Programme. In order to process this growing demand of information GSF has enhanced their procedures with modern data / information processing techniques. <br> <br>To support the peatland investigations the GIS-orientated Data Base Management System (DBMS) was enlarged. This database (Geotietoydin / GTY) holds geological theme-based layers and includes now also information about all peatlands (over 20 hectares) in Finland. <br> <br>The Peatland Information Layer contains field-, depth- and laboratory-measurement data. In the planning process GTY is used to select the most urgent peatlands (either by industrial or conservational interest), using all available spatial information. The fieldwork procedures are modified to enable the collection of borehole information through hand-held GPS devices. In the field bases this information is automatically validated and transferred into the structure of GTY. While reporting the findings of the fieldwork, with the use of computational data manipulations, the form and structure of the investigated peatlands are more accurate estimated. <br> <br>This information utilisation has benefited to a more efficient planning, direct information use and knowledge integration in GSF. <br> <br>Additional information about the methods and techniques used in this presentation can be found at http://www.eracnet.fi/publications/ <br>


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