An extensive database with data from southern Sweden invites for a thorough investigation of the geophysical and hydraulic properties. In the first attempt to find a relation between geophysical and hydraulic properties the information from core drillings and CVES are used. The records from the drillings include lithology, weathering and hydraulic conductivity. From the inverted CVES profiles separate soundings are extracted at positions close to the core drillings. <br>The results from the investigation are not easy to interpret. Some drillings and resistivity soundings shows good correlation and some do not. The problem might be that the resistivity measurements have a too low resolution compared to the very detailed observations from the core sample. Another problem could be that the core drilling and resistivity sounding most likely are made at positions close to each other but not the exact same place. <br>As expected this type of investigation is too simple for a complex relationship as the one that might exist between geophysical and hydraulic properties. It shows the importance of further investigations of existing and new data.


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