When trying to perform an integrated management of water resources, groundwater volumes can be increased by reusing reclaimed water for recharge. Reclaimed wastewater is a valued non-conventional resource in arid and semi-arid areas where water is scarce, but also in the Mediterranean countries because of the wide rainfall irregularity. Understanding in detail the structure and properties of the vadose has nowadays become crucial for recharging with reclaimed effluents, to ensure an effective percolation through the soil and an adequate treatment. <br>One of the easiest and cost-effective techniques for producing a large amount of information on aquifer geometry and subsoil properties is electrical imaging technique. The underlying objective of this paper was to test the advantage of using this geophysical method for the continuous characterization of the subsoil structure around the Begur treatment plant, where treated wastewater is discharged and reused in a Soil-Plant-Aquifer system. The good results of wastewater application to the area are also discussed. <br>


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