The combining of fractured- and broken bedrock zones gained in the line interpretations of refraction seismic surveys into structures of brokenness on the bedrock surface is done using seismic velocity maps, the topography of bedrock surface and other available information (e.g. borehole and outcrop information) and with the help of velocity tomograms. <br> <br>Calculation of velocity tomograms for seismic refraction lines gives among other benefits a change to classify the line interpretations of fracture- or broken bedrock zones to shallow and to deep going structures. This can be used when making a combined interpretation for finding regional structures. The velocity tomograms that represent the upper part of the bedrock surface are also used to confirm interpretations of fractured- and broken bedrock zones in line interpretations. <br> <br>Using a dense, systematic line network makes it possible to do a combined regional interpretation where interpretations from measurement lines are combined into structures of brokenness on the bedrock surface. <br>


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