we have published studies of beach nourishment at Terschelling (Holland) and in South Australia, testing our wave, storm and current nearshore process algorithms.<br><br>At somewhat larger scales (decades and kilometres) we are currently using Sedsim to evaluate the effects of anticipated climate change scenarios to 2050 on the seabed around Australia.<br>These model results are used to identify possible pipeline and platform risk areas on the Australian shelf and slope. Addressing such problems allows us to test a wide variety of process simulations including carbonate, fluvial, deep marine to coastal siliciclastic, and validate them against observed sediment distribution patterns, to the limits of existing seabed data.<br><br>Having satisfied ourselves that Sedsim is capturing the most important recent processes we can have more confidence in stratigraphic applications. A recent link between seismic stratigraphy and stratigraphic modelling was our numerical test of Anstey’s proposed analytical relationship between seismic character and depositional parameters for a simple neritic setting.


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