Integrated basin simulators have limited tools to address autochthonous and allochthonous salt deformation. Currently, basin simulators must either geometrically reconstruct the salt thickness through time or assume that the salt thickness history is the same as the present day salt thickness. In the case that the salt is reconstructed geometrically, there is no direct coupling between sediment density and salt deformation. In the case that the present day salt thickness is held constant through time, the assumption is made that basement accommodates changes in sediment thickness. In both these cases, simulation results can be misleading.<br><br>This article presents the theory and workflow required to include salt deformation within basin simulators. A stress condition within the salt is developed which is used to calculate the deformation of salt in response to lateral gradients in sedimentation rate. Examples show this method applied to two dimensional regional lines in the Gulf of Mexico and new insight obtained in pressure, temperature and porosity history in the sedimentary section.<br>


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