Recent developments in Basin Modeling are characterized by two trends - integration with other related exploration technologies via links, and enhancements of existing models with the implementation of new technical features (see Figure 1).<br><br>Links are especially related to structural restoration, fault analysis and seismic attribute analysis programs and data, and have certainly improved the quality of input data and made model building more effective. They should also make Basin Modeling concepts and applications more popular and interesting to other explorationists. Improvements of existing models are mainly concerned with petroleum migration, multi-component PVT models, pressure predictions, crustal models, biodegradation and the implementation of statistics for risk assessment and calibration.<br><br>However, both development trends are related to the introduction of new concepts and model parameters which often tend to move Basin Modeling even more into specialist niches. Simplifications and standardisations of workflows are therefore strongly recommended. <br><br>


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