Seismic stratigraphic interpretation is a powerful method for analyzing the depositional history of the subsurface. However, the lack of support of such interpretation methods in the state-of-the-art tools limits its application. A novel technology allowing a highly automated procedure for seismic stratigraphic interpretation is presented. The technology includes an automated high resolution extraction step of all the stratigraphic primitives prior to the interactive session. The technology supports a “dual domain” concept that enables to interpret transparently in the seismic domain and the chronostratigraphic time domain. The interpreter controls this mapping by selecting the appropriate set of stratigraphic primitives to define this transformation.<br><br>The high resolution horizon extraction step, referred to as extrema classification (refer to [1] ). The output from this classification results in extrema patches / horizon patches from which the stratigraphic primitives might be defined. The method can be extended to active tectonic basins by including fault patches in the mapping between the seismic domain and the chronostratigraphic time domain (refer to [2] ) Figure 1 illustrates how faults supplement extrema patches to define the geological model.<br><br>In complex geological settings, as e.g. stacked turbidite channel systems, the application of seismic stratigraphic interpretation might reveal a better understanding of the depositional settings.<br><br>References<br><br>[1] Lars Sonneland, Hilde G. Borgos, Thorleif Skov, Alexis Carrillat, Trygve Randen, "Automated geometry extraction from 3D seismic data by lateral waveform " In Expanded Abstracts. EAGE, Paris, June 2004.<br><br>[2] Pedersen S. I., Skov, T., Hetlid, A., Fayemendy, P., Randen T., and Sonneland, L., 2003, New Paradigm of Fault Interpretation, in Expanded Abstracts of SEG Annual Meeting, Dallas, 26-31 October 2003.<br>


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