This paper presents the result of a reservoir study where seismic data have been fully utilized to obtain a better geological model of complex fault block reservoir. The study was conducted for a highly faulted block reservoir in the East China. The available 3D Seismic data have been used to determine the structure map, fault and fault network, and porosity distribution. Additionally, three inverted seismic data had also been used to assist the determination of stationarity regions used for geostatistical simulation. Vshale model is simulated by well interpretation and seismic as correlated secondary variable. Lithofacies model is created by "cut off" Vshale values from the Vshale model. Based on the lithofacies model, reservoir models including porosity (Ø), permeability (K), and water saturation (Sw), are created. The models of reservoir parameters were used to find potential reservoir and recommend a location of the new well.


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