Stochastic techniques are increasingly being used to catch the heterogeneity in reservoir model and assess uncertainty for performance forecast. Although a stochastic approach offers us a variety of models, each of which is consistent with the available information, in practice only a small fraction can be considered for comprehensive flow simulations.<br><br>This paper presents the result of an integrated 3D reservoir modeling using stochastic approach of Bungsu Field where located in Coastal Plain Pekanbaru (CPP) area, Riau Province, approximately 75 km from Pekanbaru, Central Sumatra, Indonesia. Objective of this study is to develop a representative reservoir model to form the basis for reservoir management and future development forecast. Building this model also considered by uncertainty of every parameter used, and for this study is emphasizing to facies geometry uncertainty and their influence to STOIIP. The result are then ranked based on comprehensive matching with cumulative production and recovery factor and be used as first pace to flow simulation.<br>


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