We have developed a geological process-oriented stochastic (POS) modeling method to model reservoir heterogeneity at centimeters to meters scales. The POS modeling method can reproduces geometry of sedimentary layering based on rules of depositional processes. Litho-facies are simulated at the same time when the layering is generated, resulting in facies distribution that are more geologically correct than traditional object based method. <br><br>The POS modeling methodology is illustrated by bedding structure modeling and channel infill architecture modeling. The bedding geometry grids are simulated based on bedform migration, erosion and depositional processes. Lamina thickness and bedding orientation are conditioning data to bedding geometry modeling, for a given type of bedding structures, such as cross bed, flaser and hummocky cross-stratification. The channel infill architecture are simulated by migrating channel surfaces through geological time, whereas truncation and erosion processes are also explicated modeled. Geological variables, such as channel dimensions and locations are parameterized in probability distributions, making it possible to generate stochastic realizations of stratigraphic layering, which is important to control the spatial distribution of litho-facies and reservoir properties.<br>


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