New developments in digital imaging have enabled high resolution imaging<br>from aerial sensors. This is claimed to have resulted in a paradigm shift in procedures<br>for aerial imaging which will result in a significant change in methods, applications<br>and economy of aerial imaging. As well, close range photogrammetry now incorporates<br>digital cameras with capabilities that will result in moderate to very high accuracies<br>of measurement of objects. These developments will be covered in the paper.<br>New satellite systems, particularly those based on small satellite technologies are being<br>developed by many countries to satisfy their priorities to enter the space industry.<br>In parallel with these developments are those of GEO and GEOSS which aim to coordinate<br>developments in satellite technologies to reduce overlaps and provide more<br>comprehensive Earth observation datasets to all regions of the world. The paper will<br>consider these developments and how they will satisfy the future needs of society.


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