The Upper and Middle Gharif units in North Oman comprise alternating fluvial channel and floodplain facies, with stacked fluvial sequences of up to 15 meters in thickness. These fluvial channels are prolific, producing reservoirs in North Oman and can be charged with both oil and gas. With decreasing channel connectivity (N/G) from the provenance area towards the Rub Al-Khali Basin in the NW, the greatest risk with this play is finding connected reservoir within a trap. Direct observations from seismic have proven to be unreliable, with stacked fluvial channels being below seismic resolution and the degree of lateral variation of rock physical properties of the various facies deposited within the Gharif. Seismic quality varies over the area as well, with the older vintages showing more seismic artifacts than newer acquisitions, impairing proper calibration of wells and quantitative correlation between surveys.


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