Real-time pore pressure (RTPP) monitoring adds value in terms of time and cost reduction in drilling operations and for HSE. These days it has become increasingly common in the industry to deploy RTPP services to be carried out on the rig or from the remote monitoring centres. A pre-requisite for any successful RT job is a good knowledge of the pre-drill pore pressure prediction model, including the geological attributes that may influence the result through collaboration and knowledge sharing between the provider of the pre-drill model, the operator and the RTPP engineers. Integration of pre-drill and RT workflow and seamless knowledge transfer can save time as demonstrated in this particular case study. During the planning process a full geomechanical model had been provided for the planned Well-A. In the handover process between the pre-drill phase and real-time phase, a pre-drill interpretation update was carried out with the help of new offset experience and regional knowledge of the study area in offshore Norway. This was used as a guide for the RT monitoring of the pore pressure in the planned well. The local geological knowledge was used to achieve the most likely pore pressure scenario to be encountered. Based on tight operating mud weight windows in the 17 ½-in. and 12 ¼-in. sections, it was decided to use the updated pore pressure prediction as the basis for a reactive approach to mud weight adjustment during drilling. RT services were deployed from 17-1/2-in. section to TD of the well, providing a continuous update of the operating mud weight window allowing the 17 ½-in. and 12 ¼-in. sections to be drilled successfully to the planned section TD. This maintained the necessary safety margins and stayed ahead of plan during drilling of the well.


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