Miscible CO2 flooding is a well-established method for enhancing oil recovery and is the subject of<br>renewed interest as an option to control emissions of greenhouse gases. There is a requirement for rapid<br>screening of reservoirs for CO2 flooding prior to undertaking detailed, resource-intensive studies. In this<br>paper, we describe a new CO2 EOR predictive correlation that has been developed to screen tertiary CO2<br>floods in sandstone reservoirs. The new correlation was developed by fitting a response surface model to<br>a large simulation database. The simulation data were generated by varying key reservoir and fluid<br>properties in a fully compositional finite difference model. The new correlation has been validated against<br>additional simulation cases and historic CO2 floods in sandstone reservoirs and can be applied to cases<br>where existing models (e.g. Claridge, 1972) give inaccurate results. The new correlation is recommended<br>for high-level screening of CO2 EOR.


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