Waterflood thief zones in communication with the rest of the reservoir are a severe and previously<br>challenging problem. This poster gives an introduction to the nature of a novel heat-activated polymer<br>particulate. Details of a trial of this in-depth diversion system, resulting in commercially significant<br>incremental oil from a BP Alaskan field are presented. The treatment was designed using laboratory tests<br>with slim tube sand packs, and numerical simulation informed by pressure and chemical tracer tests.<br>Placement deep in the reservoir between injector and producer, was confirmed by pressure fall off analysis<br>and injectivity tests. The incremental oil predicted from the simulation was 7949 to 39747 m3 (50,000 to<br>250,000 bbl) over 10 years. In fact over 9639 m3 (60,000 barrels) of oil was recovered in the first 4 years.


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