This talk will focus on how Fast Track Reservoir Characterization approaches based on broadband data are being applied on a regional seismic data set of 7000km2 delivering Calibrated Impedance and Fluid Cubes for the entire regional volume, thus enabling Exploration and Development teams to readily harvest value of the improved rock property characterization through broadband seismic. 1 - Calibrated Impedance The much improved low frequency content of the broadband data together with higher frequency content of the velocity model generated by modern processing techniques allows us to close the conventional frequency gap at around 1-8 Hz. A seismic velocity model based low frequency P-Impedance model and reflectivity derived bandlimited impedance cube can be merged seamlessly into a calibrated impedance volume. 2 - Fluid Cube Using Broadband Seismic Data and an operator based Coloured Inversion workflow, followed by weighted stacking of the results, fluid cubes can be generated in a very efficient way. This allows their usage in prospect identification timely after end of a processing project and very early in the exploration interpretation workflows. Having fluid cubes early, is of particular value in the geology of Brunei Darussalam, where prospects are distributed over thousands of milliseconds of sand-shale sequences.


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