Surface waves are widely used for determining properties of the subsurface on different scales. In most applications, the dispersion of surface waves is analyzed to yield depthdependent velocity profiles. However, the heterogeneity of the shallow subsurface complicates such an analysis because of the scattering it causes. Here, we use an inverse scattering method to determine the location and properties of the heterogeneity. First, we illustrate this method, using a regular receiver array. A synthetic example shows that the scatterer is imaged at the correct location with good resolution. In practice, we may want to take advantage of existing non-uniform arrays, such as those deployed for global seismic studies. In our next example, we generate scattered data at irregularly spaced locations. By simultaneously inverting the scattered wave field excited by different sources, we observe that the image is well focused on the scatterer. Further work is on the way to better understand the influence of non-uniform (and sparse) sampling on the image quality and what are the sampling requirements.


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