Time-lapse seismic acquisition and other temporal monitoring initiatives are becoming<br>increasingly commonplace. These data, and much additional time-variant information, can be<br>critical to the decision-making process for reservoir development of mature assets. One of the<br>best ways of rapidly reconnoitering and analyzing these data is through comprehensive<br>visualization solutions.<br>However, current workflows are not conducive to simultaneous visualization of data from<br>disparate software applications. Time-lapse seismic data, reservoir simulation output, and<br>production histories are produced in a wide variety of software packages with different<br>formats and spatial arrangements. Visualization in the same virtual space and time can be an<br>extremely difficult proposition.<br>The solution we present makes the import and integration of these data, from many different<br>sources, an easy and potentially automatic process. By lowering the barriers-to-entry to<br>visually integrate all the data needed in the reservoir development process, better, faster, and<br>more accurate decisions can be made.


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