We present the HoloVizio system design and give an overview of Holografika’s approach to<br>the 3D displaying. The patented HoloVizio technology uses a specially arranged array of<br>optical modules and a holographic screen. Each point of the holographic screen emits light<br>beams of different color and intensity to various directions. With proper software control,<br>light beams leaving the pixels propagate in multiple directions, as if they were emitted from<br>the points of 3D objects at fixed spatial locations. We show that the direction selective light<br>emission is a general requirement for every 3D systems and the advantages of light field<br>reconstruction over the multiview approach. We describe the 10 Mpixel desktop display and<br>the 50Mpixel large-scale system that enables the collaborative work in real 3D surpassing the<br>limitations known at stereoscopic systems. We cover the real-time control issues at high<br>pixel-count systems with the HoloVizio software environment and describe concrete<br>developments targeting 3D oil&gas visualization applications.


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