Mercury Computer Systems provide commercial visualization solutions for a wide selection<br>of markets such as Medical, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Fluid-Dynamics and Materials Science.<br>In order to provide cross-discipline effective solutions, Mercury leverages its know-how in<br>core graphics technology.<br>Modern GPUs supply the computational power to make a step forward in 3D volume<br>rendering quality and interactivity. After several years of academic research new techniques<br>becomes available in commercial solutions such as Open Inventor by Mercury and Avizo.<br>Extended usage of computational clusters with thousands of nodes allow the generation of<br>massive datasets that exceed the hardware resources of the single workstation used for<br>visualization. To overcome these limitations, smart management of GPU/CPU memory and<br>CPU/GPU computational power becomes crucial. A Large Data Management (LDM) engine<br>allows the user to efficiently visualize hundreds of GB of seismic data and hundreds of<br>millions of cells reservoir models. Mercury recently introduced a new modular visualization<br>framework, called Avizo, which brings all the Open Inventor technology to the end-user level.<br>Avizo is the best tool to experience cross-discipline visualization within the Oil and Gas<br>workflow.


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