The M.te Amiata sector constitutes a volcano-geothermal area of the southern Tuscany,.<br>This area has been affected by extensional tectonics from the Early-Middle Miocene onwards<br>(Carmignani et al., 1994), that led, in Pliocene, to the emplacement of a deep seated<br>intrusive body and to the eruption of dacitic-rhyodacitic lavas through a NW-SE-trending<br>fissure (Ferrari et al., 1996). Currently, this area is characterized by a high heat flow (up to<br>600 mW/m2; Baldi et al., 1995) that feeds important geothermal fields. Main geothermal<br>reservoirs are located at depths of several hundreds of meters within Triassic evaporitic<br>horizons, constituting the base of the Tuscan Unit.


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