The Galleon and Clipper fields and the K07 and K11 fields are located in the Greater Sole Pit and the Broad Fourteens Basins (Southern Permian Basin), in the UK and NL southern North Sea, approximately 60- 100 miles E of Bacton. The Permian Rotliegend Leman B Sands and the Upper Slochteren Sandstone Member gas reservoirs were developed over a period of 35 years starting in the early 1970's. Short slabbed core sections showing the entire range of natural fracture types encountered in the cored intervals in the Rotliegend reservoirs that have been drilled are shown. The aim of the viewing is to go over the variety of fracture types encountered and explain how the presence/absence of these features affects well design and well productivity. We will close out with a discussion on what uncertainties remain in fracture prediction even after extensive study and integration of all available data


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