The Goldeneye Field is located in the Outer Moray Firth of the Central North Sea and straddles across UK Blocks 14/29a, 14/28b, 20/3b and 20/4b, approximately 130 Km NE of Aberdeen. It is operated by Shell UK Ltd under an unit operating agreement between Shell UK Ltd, Esso Exploration & Production UK Ltd, Centrica Resources Ltd and Endeavour Energy UK Ltd, whose approval to present this material we acknowledge. The reservoir unit of the Goldeneye Field belongs to the Lower Cretaceous Captain Sandstone Member (also referred to as the Kopervik Sandstone), which is included within the Valhall Formation.The Captain Sandstones in the Goldeneye Field are split into two thick (up to 120 m) sand-rich units (A and D) separated by an extensive heterolithic shale-rich drape of the same order of thickness, Unit C. Unit E is a thin stratigraphic interval that lies on top. They fringe the southern flank of the Halibut Horst, a fault-bounded high, having been deposited by high density channelised turbidites. They were part of the Captain Fairway, oriented WNW-ESE and approximately 10-15 Km wide.


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