We have become accustomed to looking for gas in reservoirs that have good porosity and permeability, so that we may produce at high flow rates. What is the meaning, then, of the new search for "tight gas" reservoirs with low porosity and low permeability that is so captivating exploration? The reason for investor interest in "tight gas" is that these peculiar reservoirs do not need expensive search tools, have little dry hole risk, and have enormous lateral extent. "Tight gas" accumulations often occur over hundreds of square miles. These "tight gas" reservoirs appear to contain enormous quantities of gas that are challenging our engineering talents to extract profitably. These "tight gas" reservoirs are not merely poor quality conventional reservoirs, but have a number of unique characteristics that require new exploration and production techniques to be employed to efficiently find and develop the gas. These "tight gas" reservoirs require juxstaposition with a gas-expelling source rock, and to be discontinuous, at the reservoir level.


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