With seismic interferometry we can simulate a seismic shot record at point A as if from a source at point B by crosscorrelating the seismic responses recorded at A and B. This was first proposed by Claerbout (1968) where he showed that for 1-D acoustic media the<br>reflection response can be simulated by the autocorrelation of the transmission response. Later Wapenaar et al. (2002, 2004) proved this for 3-D inhomogeneous lossless media<br>(acoustic as well as elastic) using the one-way wavefield reciprocity theorem of the<br>correlation type. At about the same time, also other authors derived similar relations using different techniques for applications in different fields (Weaver and Lobkis, 2001; Schuster, 2001; Derode et al., 2003; Snieder, 2004). The different authors introduced different terms to describe the end result - daylight imaging, Green’s function reconstruction, interferometric imaging, passive seismics. To avoid confusion, for a special issue of Geophysics (July- August, 2006) dedicated to this methods, it was proposed to use the term Seismic<br>Interferometry (SI) for reconstruction through crosscorrelation.


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