This paper describes a methodology to evaluate a petroleum system in fold-and-thrustbelts. This methodology is based on the reconstruction of the structural evolution on a regional cross-section and on the modelling of the thermal regime at present time and through geological time. The onset of hydrocarbon generation and expulsion from source rocks into traps, resulting from the temperature history and the kinetics of the kerogens can be investigated. The modelling accounts for the changes in the composition of hydrocarbons during generation and expulsion from the source rocks and may be instrumental to predict the global composition of trapped hydrocarbons in developing structures. This methodology was applied to many history cases from well known petroleum provinces of fold and thrustbelts environments. In many case, initial geologic interpretations can significantly be improved by reconstructing the past thermal regimes and maturity evolution computed from the result of a geometric and kinematic forward evolution on a regional cross-section.


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