“Piazza Armerina” is a very important archaeological site in Sicily and many excavations have been carried out during the last century. One of the most important findings is the well known “Villa del Casale” (Fig.1). Fig. 1 – Aerial photography of “Villa del Casale”. The excavations started in 1929; took back in the '40s and more deeply in the ‘50s and they aren't finished yet. "Villa del Casale" was built between 330 and 360 A.C. and it had its period of shine during the 4th and 5th century, when disappeared under the mudflow. The villa is 3500 square meters large, and it was once Maximilian Hercules’ haunting house. He was one of Diocletian's collaborators and both of them managed the Roman Empire. Its interest is mainly due to the mosaics of the floor, among the largest and most beautiful ones of the Roman epoch. Techniques, style and the figures call to mind the floors of Northern Africa, and there are certainly works of African artists. The Villa can be divided into four main groups: main entrance and spa; peristyle with dining room and guest room; private rooms and basilica; triclinium and elliptic courtyard. They are not on the same level because the structure was built following the topographic profile.


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