With the increasing importance of the conscience for archaeological sites conservation, non-destructive methods of subsurface analysis are developed and becoming important. With the excavation budgets there are a lot of restrictions, political, economical and strategical ones (Scolar, 1990). Many times it is not possible to excavate, and the remote sensing and the geophysical methods could be a solution. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is one of the methods that is gaining respect by archaeologists due to its capacity of give a high resolution results, wich allows the prospecting of small structures(Vaugha, 1986) and the location of underground objects at shallow depths, comparing it with others geophysicals technics (da Silva, 2001). We report here the results of a recent survey using GPR to search an Arabic castle wall that at the present is probably under the playground of a school in Ronda (Málaga), where a underground car-parking is projected.


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