The Sanctuary of Monterosse has been re-located on the top of a clay hill close to the Terricciola (Pisa) after the big earthquake, which destroyed its Romanesque aspect. Now that Sanctuary is collapsing mainly because of the general hydro-geological evidences and the periodical behaviour of the water-table resting on the clay bedrock quite inclined downhill. The aim of this paper is to propose a synthetic summary of the activities directed to sauveguard and protect such a singular specimen of religious architecture in Western Tuscany. Under a broader point of view, this trend can be framed up in the sphere of activities wanting to contribute to the rescue of architectural buildings and constructions forrning the exceptional cultural heritage. This heritage is characterising bath the Tuscanian territory and the landscape, seen as precious and wise Environmental Resources to be preserved tor future generations, as far as it is still possible.


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