One of the most important possibilities to reduce or abolish the uncertainty of measured VES data, occurring in a single inversion, is known as the joint inversion method. Joint inversions can he realised in different ways. i): with simultaneous inversions if geophysical methods, based on the same physical principles, (e.g. geoelectrical) are used; ii): using parameters of geological models derived from data based on different physical principles (e.g. geoelectrics, seismics) [Vozoffand Jupp 1975, Dobróka et. al.1991, Misiek et. al. 1997, Gyulai and Ormos 1999]. The most frequent problem using that joint inversion which is based on different physical principles occurs because different methods define different layer boundaries. It means that sometimes different geophysical parameters change at different layer boundaries in a different way.


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