Introduction In the frame of the Czech-Italian joint research project "Groundwater movement and contamination risk of hydrogeological structures", a set of geophysical methods has been tested in an abandoned soviet military area with an airport for fighters near to the provincial town Mimon. Pollution history The selected test site has an extent 300 m2 and is situated in the area of the railway terminal, where the hydrocarbon products have been transferred from tank wagons to underground storage tanks. The leakage of tubes and bad insulated high volume tanks - getting rusty during the 30 years long period and finally being perforated - caused serious groundwater LNAPL pollution with first meters of the kerosene at the water table, with vadose zone pollution and traces of dissolved hydrocarbons in groundwater. The remedial activities (pumping fluids from clean-up wells situated in the dense network 10 x 10 m, bioventing, venting) are running continuously from 1993 under the supervision of the KAP Company. Under present conditions, the light heating oils and kerosene contaminate irregularly the vadose zone, in addition - after 3 year remedial activities - create thin layer above the groundwater level


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