A wire net concept for monitoring of environmental barriers, aimed for permanent installations, is described. This presentation includes results from a laboratory study and from an installation constructed below a brine pond mineral liner at the Filborna landfill in Southern Sweden. A widespread leachate management strategy is ”containment and collection”, which implies that the detection of leakage at early stages from containers of hazardous liquids is a matter of great concern. Development work to construct effective and reliable systems for leakage detection based on geophysics has been underway since mid 1980s, commonly by using DC resistivity. The work on developing a new concept for electrical monitoring of impermeable barriers has been a part of research program at Lund University, with funds from the SEPA. The work started in late 1996 and runs as “Geophysical mapping and monitoring of waste deposits”. A Licentiate thesis has been produced [1] and this spring monitoring results from Filborna has been presented.


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