It is offered a new approach to the research of high complicated geological media, which are rock massives [1-2]. That approach is based on the theory of 3-d interpretation of alternating electromagnetic fields. The effect of it's use for the research of rock massives in mines and the possibility of structure identification and state of it is shown , using natural observations. It is offered a new effective method of the electromagnetic monitoring of inhomogeneous rock massives, which are influenced by intensive technogenic forces. There had been analysed and outlined parameters, which characterise the massive as a whole, and that, which are sensitive to local changes into the massive, which can be a potential dangerous zones and must to be systematically observed by additional geophysical and geomechanical methods. That parameters are: the geometrical distribution of apparent resistivity (fig1.c points - before rock outworking and squares - after rock outworking) and profile distribution of the average parameter of geoelectrical inhomogeneities (fig 1. a – before rock outworking and b – after rock outworking).


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