The features of objects and conditions of measurements it is necessary to take into account at engineering and environment investigations by electromagnetic methods with use of radio stations and electrotransfer lines fields. The devices and technique should combine activities by electromagnetic profiling and soundings methods. The most informative permit to obtain the measured field characteristics, which allow not only localizing of the conductive bodies, but also to map the features of medium structure. It is necessary for localization of the objects with small horizontal dimensions to observe with rather dense grid and distance between points 1 – 2 m. The dense grid of observations is also necessary for data interpretation, at which it is possible to take into account the distortions in separate points. Therefore, the short time and low cost of measurements for one observed point are very important. The methods should provide the study of the geoelectrical section in range of depths – from parts of meter up to several tens of meters. As the objects can be characterized by electrical resistivity, varying in rather broad range (units – thousands of ohmmeters), frequency band of used methods should vary from a tens hertz up to hundreds kilohertz. In some cases, there is the necessity of the small area study and the electrical antennae should have accordingly small sizes (no more than 2 – 4 m). It is necessary to ensure a capability of observations with ungrounded electrical antennae at asphalt, concrete or gravel cover of the site and to use the jamproof devices for realization of activities at high level of industrial noise.


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