Permafrost covers more than 60 % of the surface area in Russia. Geophysical methods, which allow studies of permafrost rock structure, composition and distribution, are extremely important. Recently in Russia the transient EM sounding method has taken the leading position with respect to other electric methods of permafrost studies and in hydrogeological and engineering applications. The high level of geological information and technological effectiveness of the transient EM sounding method are well known. However, the processes of induced polarization, superposed to the transient EM processes, distort the latter up to the change of electromotive force sing. Permafrost is included into polarization phenomenon at the first place. For the interpretation of TDEM data the most effective solution is mathematical modelling, which requires software for solution of direct problems, having high speed of execution and high accuracy in calculation. The author made calculations and created a set of programs for transient sounding processes calculation in polarization multi-layered media. We used a set of horizontal polarizing conductive plates to model layered-earth. The problem was solved using the method of serial approximation .The problem was solved using the method of serial approximations. This makes it possible to separate and analyse both induction and polarization components of EM field.


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