In order to see immediately the simultaneous variations of all the parameters of borehole acoustic signals, we made some years ago graphic softwares using a representation of our own in three dimensions (Rousseau & Jeantet, 1997). This representation proceeds from a specific projection : 1) it is orthographic, that is to say it has no vanishing point, no perspective ; 2) the z axis, which represents the amplitudes, is everywhere vertical and always directed upwards (see Fig.1). The angles between x0y plane and z axis depend on the vantage point for viewing, but parallel lines remain parallel in the x0y plane under any azimuth, which allows angle measurements as on a 2D display. This method which highlights particularly the continuous variations of the amplitudes of acoustic signals in relation to depth has provided some keys for geological interpretation such as the characterisation of fractures, delimiting crushed zones,...


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