Integrated geoelectric, seismic and micro-gravity surveys were performed in two sites, "San Calogero" and "Fuardo" in the volcanic Island of Lipari (Italy), in order to explore geothermal fluids at low enthalpy and locate the geothermal reservoir of the island. The geophysical methods utilized consist of a seismic reflection profile, five seismic refraction profiles, a microgravity survey and a 2D geoelectric profile in the Fuardo area and a 2D geoelectric profile associated with a microgravity survey in the S. Calogero area. The seismic methods allowed us to locate the main subsurface seismic discontinuities and evaluate their geometrical relationships. The gravity field was used for comparison, while the electric prospecting allowed us to discriminate more conductive areas, within the gravity and seismic model, which could correspond to an increase in fluid circulation in the investigated area.


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