The development of technology's principles of integrated engineering geological site investigations to get reliable information for designing buildings and constructions at the optimal expenditures is one of the most important tasks at present. In general true technology's basis of integrated site investigations with continuous technological working cycle includes the following aspects: The analysis of the past investigations' results and (or) information on the adjacent sites, the preliminary working hypothesis of the category of engineering geological condition's complicity, including construction's classification; Geophysical investigations to estimate and reveal the peculiarities of geological structure and hydrogeological conditions, the preliminary scheme of the investigation's sites location; Penetration logging, static and (or) dynamic sounding on a relatively thin net, drilling and sampling of some boreholes, laboratory soil tests; The analysis of the first results, the specification of the condition category's complicity and investigation's scheme in accordance with the designing organization; Penetration logging completion, drilling with purposive sampling specimens of undisrupted and disrupted structure and choosing places of different field works on the basis of spatial variability estimating of soil property according to the penetration logging data, the use of penetration logging between the boreholes for detalization and specification; The analysis of investigation's results, definition of engineering geological and soil calculated elements, the necessary calculated soil characteristics, conclusions, recommendations on conducting further investigations and monitoring.


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