As preventive measures against the liquefied subsoil, it is easy to improve the ground. However, It is very difficult to improve the soil underneath existing structure such as a runway. Therefore, many researchers examined how to improve. As a result, it was conclude that the chemical grouting of solution type is most effective. However, chemical grout used in Japan is limited to sodium silicate grouts except in special cases. Polymer grouts that is excellent in durability, such as acrylamide grouts, are usually not used because they pose a health risk when the polymer grouts do not combine perfectly. Although the grout material is limited to sodium silicate, many types of grout based on sodium silicate have been developed however; the durability of grouts has not yet been clarified. Recently, much importance has been attached the problem of durability of strength and impermeability of grouted sand. Concerning durability of grouted sand, this paper examined estimation the methods of the long-term strength of grouted sand. As a result, we found two estimation methods. One is extrapolation method other is Arrehenius Plot method of the same shape. Consequently, it is possible to estimate the long-term strength of grouted sand.


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