The Varna Bay is one of the greatest limans along the Black Sea coast with its area of 41.8 km2. It is situated in the Moezian microplate with craton structure, in the North Bulgarian Arch deformed morphostructure. The development of the Varna Bay is closely connected with the development of Euxino-Caspian and Black Sea basins during Neogene and the Quaternary. The bay’s territory was a part of the Varna depression during the Neogene. As a result of the listric extensional tectonics during the whole period of the Neogene and the Quaternary, it had been differentiated in blocks and gravitation benches were formed. In a contemporary structural plan they include land blocks and transient blocks from the land to the sea water area. This part of the Black Sea continental borderland preserved its negative deformations and was loaded by sediments during the whole period of the Neogene and the Quaternary.


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