Former presumptions about the presence of the recent tectonic processes in the central part of the Pannonian basin have been emphasised by presentations and some papers in the late years (References). Two shallow seismic sections have been measured by ELGI on the frozen lake surfaces in promising locations relaying upon known exploration seismic sections (Fig.1.). The result of the finite difference seismic modelling carried out for the preliminary testing of special conditions and certain aspects on the field execution of the measurement will be provided. The technical information of the equipment and measurement technology also will be presented. The distinct quality increasing operations in the processing of the actual shallow seismic data will be shown which had been made possible by the presence of the ice surface on the site. On the basis of the integrated interpretation of these shallow seismic sections (Fig.3.), former hydrocarbon exploration seismic profiles measured by ELGI and well data (Fig.2.) of the studied area, a conclusion can be drawn about the presence of such recent compressive tectonic processes related to the tectonic evolution of the Szolnok-Flysch, which are already proven on the other parts of the Pannonian Basin.


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