The SGW-NMR technique - The Surface version of the GroundWater Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technique (SGW-NMR) has been the subject, under various identification names, of several publications and conference contributions (at EEGS, SEG, AEGE etc.) in recent years partly triggered by the introduction of a commercial SGW-NMR system ('NUMISPMR') by IRIS Instruments in the Spring of 1996. This is a non-invasive technique and, under suitable conditions, it has the capacity to quantify the water content below the ground surface as a function of depth and to characterize the main detected water bearing formations in terms of pore-size. Descriptions of the SGW-NMR technique were made by Goldman et al. (1994) and Lieblich et al (1994). The SGW-NMR technique has a selectivity for groundwater unmatched by any other field geophysical technique.


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