Campos basin is located in southeastern Brazil, offshore Rio de Janeiro state. The basin covers an area of about 100,000 km², from the coast to the 3400 m isobath, and contains a maximum sedimentary thickness of about 10 km. Campos basin evolution from the Lower Cretaceous period to present day can be divided into three megasequences, as shown on Figure 1: (1) Non-Marine Megasequence, which comprises Neocomian basalts and lacustrine sequences; (2) Transitional Megasequence, which includes evaporites and associated siliciclastic deposits developed during the Aptian; and (3) Marine Megasequence represented by Albian carbonates at the base, overlain by two siliciclastic sequences: a transgressive (Upper Albian to Lower Tertiary) and a regressive (Lower Tertiary to present).


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