The Tengiz oil field in KAZAKHSTAN, located on the northern and eastern shores of the Caspian Sea, is a major oil field where Russia initiated production more than 25 years ago. In the past three years, Tengiz Chevron Oil (TCO) increased production significantly and was recently considering drilling new holes to boost output. To help to the selection of drilling locations, a 3D seismic survey using both vibrators and dynamite was conducted on the 400 km2 producing field. Because the location accuracy of the current buried pipe network is not sufficiently precise on available maps, a reconnaissance test took place at specific sites where old and recent pipes are known to exist. Most of these sites were also selected for their proximity to sensitive structures : plan facilities, manifold, dike edging the sea and office buildings where safety distances from seismic sources had to be determinated with a view to a forthcoming 3D seismic reflection survey.


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