The unsaturated zone is very important, not only in water resource evaluation but in contaminant transport as weIl, particularly in siting waste disposal facilities and in remediating contaminated sites. Therefore, new approaches are required so that the three dimensional detail of the zone is determined. The aims of this work are: • to test the usefulness of high resolution electrical tomography in mapping the three dimensional movement of water in the unsaturated zone and • to provide a further understanding of the processes involved in the unsaturated zone flow. To achieve the above, a high resolution imaging system was installed at a research site at the University of Birmingham. The research site consists of an Environmental Agency observation borehole and 3 piezometers, together with unsaturated zone instrumentation which has enabled groundwater levels and moisture contents to be monitored for the last two years (Digges La Touche, 1998). Two more boreholes will be drilled at the site later this year. The new imaging system is used to monitor fluid movement in the unsaturated zone over an extended period of time and during short term pumping tests. The observations may be related to the properties of the subsurface and variations in recharge.


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